Verse for March 21st

Luke 8.48

He said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.’

Wednesday, 21 March


Just a brief touch of faith ...
... on the edge.

A contact which becomes, through the love of Christ, a connection and a gift of healing and restoration.

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  • Take time today ... where is healing and restoration needed in your life, among your friends and family, or in the world?
  • Transforming Life … as you are able, reach out to Christ in faith.  Take time.


Practical Action

  • Make time today … do something to bring healing to a life, a relationship or to the earth.


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Meaning in the Miracle

Dean John’s book, “Meaning in the miracles” goes beautifully into the theology, but as a retired GP i am struck that Jesus wore a rabbi’s prayer shawl with a desitinct and recognisable number of tassles (like a rosary), and that this anaemic woman shunned by all had the strength t touch it in that scrum. thirdly, that Jesus knew someone had done so, and deduced that the healing would only be completed by “outing” whoever. “Straping” like a fighter plane he looked round and round for the person in need. What terror must she have felt when the crowd identified this unclen person! Wow. What a cur

21.03.12 / 10:01 / By MiichaelJameson

on the edge

The verse comes from the story of the woman who reached out to touch the edge of Jesus’ clothing and found healing.

21.03.12 / 05:25 / By JK

Don’t understand

“Just a brief touch of faith ...
... on the edge.”

What’s that supposed to mean?

21.03.12 / 05:24 / By Stortfordian


Having come from a family who didn’t go to church and whose philosophy of life was that you sort out your own problems, I lived and worshipped for years without realising that I could give difficulties to God or ask for help.  It may seem odd to those who read this. But all that has changed and last year I experienced a true miracle in my life, for which I still give daily thanks.

21.03.12 / 09:27 / By Denise I


Give us the faith to follow you, and see others as God’s children, irrespective of superficial differences.

21.03.12 / 08:07 / By Keith Aldred


last night, players warmed up for the premiership match in T shirts on which were printed, “Pray for Muamba”. A gesture of support, some might say, rather than of faith but I do not agree. The slogan could have said Good luck or get well but,in fact, it was an appeal for everyone to discover a reservoir of faith that exists in us all, a path, in some, untrodden or only by a few, faltering steps. Already, the survival of the young footballer appears to be something of a miracle. For Patrice and all those surprised by their instinct to pray for his survival, may it continue to be so.

21.03.12 / 08:07 / By Geoffrey