Verse for March 26th

John 12.24

Very truly, I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

Monday, 26 March


Jesus is talking about his death and the fruit it bears in our lives and in the world. 

He is also identifying a principle which needs to be worked in our lives, death leading to life.

(A verse from yesterday’s gospel reading.)

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  • Take time today ... In what ways has death been the seed which has produced fruit in your life?
  • Transforming Life … pray for those who face death or bereavement, or those who called to die to things they hold dear.   Thank God for the death of Christ for you.


Practical Action

  • Make time today … for the little deaths that lead to life, the little seeds that bear much fruit.


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I believe we have to put God first, ie. He’s the boss. Then things will fall in place here and now, if we trust Him. We may well feel confused, but He will guide our path all the same.

28.03.12 / 08:25 / By Keith Aldred


as a ‘principle that needs to worked in our lives’, does this mean during our lives as well as at the end - it seems like a profound concept of surrender I am interested to understand better. I am writing this a day late but if any one else has more comments to make on this I would be interested.

27.03.12 / 01:58 / By RachelC


in the midst of life we are in death.Our Lord was in the prime of life when He said this, a young man, with all the human experience of fear as he faced what lay ahead for him; a young man of his age, with all the history of his people, and the growing awareness that he was to be the priest, and his calling to be the victim who by embracing death as it came to him would fulfil Israel’s covenenant,and unite past and present in himself.
He has made death a meeting place, but we have put it behind closed doors,we have lost the reverence,for this meeting place,where we see the fruit of the grain.

26.03.12 / 09:26 / By Sister Hazel


In our society this is almost a no go area, when in reality it is the one certainty in life.
May we thank God for Christ’s death, whereby He has given the key to real life here and now, if we have faith in Him.

26.03.12 / 08:42 / By Keith Aldred